How to change the order of virtual desktops in Windows 10

You can change the order of virtual desktops in Windows 10 using one an extremely useful feature that dramatically improves productivity by separating apps into thematic spaces. Virtual desktops first appeared in Windows back in 2000, but all this time Microsoft paid little attention to this feature. Only in Windows 10 did they receive a nice looking user interface. However, it came out with a few annoyances which remained without fixing for several years.

For example, Windows 10 had no way to change the background of individual desktops or change their order. The latter was especially annoying, since the lack of the ability to move desktops meant that you had to delete existing desktops and recreate them just to change the order. Fortunately, both of these features are finally being added to Windows 10, build 21337.

At the time of this post publication, build 21337 and above are only available in the Windows Insider Program. You can check the Windows version installed on your computer using the Win + R key combination and the winver command.

Change the order of virtual desktops

To change the order of virtual desktops in Windows 10, do the following.

  1. Open Task View using the button on the taskbar or the Win + Tab key combination.
  2. Create multiple desktops, move multiple windows to them.
  3. Click and hold the left mouse button on the desktop that you want to move, then just drag it to the desired location.Change Virtual Desktop Order
  4. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the desktop and select Move Left or Right. There are also shortcuts Alt + Shift + Left Arrow / Right Arrow for that.Change Virtual Desktop Order With Shortcuts

Note that the option to move the desktop to the left or right may not be available for the outermost desktops on the right and left of the list.

Done. Now you know how to move and rearrange desktops in Windows 10.

Tip: If the above steps do not work in your Windows 10, it is because you are running a version the OS 10 that doesn’t supports the updated virtual desktops feature. As noted in the beginning of the post, it is available since build 21337.


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