Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in Start Button Context Menu

How to Replace PowerShell with Command Prompt in Start Button Win+X Menu in Windows 10.

The Win+X Power User Menu is a new feature of recent Windows releases. It was first introduced in Windows 8, and is available in Windows 10. In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, you can simply right click on the Start button to show it. Or, as it obvious from the title, you can press Win +X on the keyboard to open it even faster, from any app.

Add Mono Audio Context Menu in Windows 10

How to Add Mono Audio Context Menu in Windows 10

Mono audio is a special Accessibility feature of Windows 10 that makes sure that even if a listener has an issue with one ear or one audio channel, he or she will never miss a word or sound of audio playing in a stereo headset or multichannel speakers. For many years, the audio we listen to has come with distinct left and right channels. In this case, the listener receives a different audio stream from both channels with different sounds. Unlike stereo, monoaural audio plays the same stream via both channels. Windows 10 includes a native option to enable Mono audio output. You can access it faster by adding a special context menu command to the Desktop.

Change App for Edit Menu for Images in Windows 10

How to Change the App for the Edit Menu for Images  in Windows 10 File Explorer

In Windows 10, File Explorer includes the Edit command in the context menu for images. If you right-click an image, and select Edit, the image will be opened in Microsoft Paint. In this article, we will see how to change the app for the Edit command and replace it with an image editor of your choice.

How To Remove Edit with Paint 3D Context Menu in Windows 10

Starting with Creators Update version 1703, Windows 10 comes with a new app, Paint 3D. It adds a new context menu item 'Edit With Paint 3D' which opens your images in the app. If you don’t plan to use this option and want to declutter the right-click context menu, here is how to remove it.