10 thoughts on “How To Rename A User Account In Windows 10”

  1. The suggestion fails to work, I wish to change my user account name in Windows 10 Home which this page is defined as the correct route.
    There is no selection to rename user account!

      1. my windows 10 has no( change your account name ) got change account type,Manage another account,change user account control settings…. it would be so so easy buy NO change account name …..
        Any other way

  2. Yes, it worked to change the login User Name here. But for the C-Drive Users folder, the User Name is still shown as the old name. Kindly advise how to change the User Name in C-Drive folder to new name as well for Window 10. Thanks!

  3. This is also my problem. When I sign in, it’s the correct name, but I can’t change the name in the users file to the same name. HELP!!!!!

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