WordPad Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Wordpad is a very simple text editor, more powerful than Notepad, but less functional than Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer. It is suitable for creating a simple text document without complex formatting. The good thing about WordPad is that it’s a built-in Windows application and doesn’t need to be installed.
Wordpad HotkeysYou might be interested in learning about WordPad keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for WordPad on Windows 10. Bookmark this page if you can’t remember them all so you can refer to it every time you want to learn a new hotkey.

WordPad Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10

Ctrl + Page Up – Move up one page

Ctrl + Down arrow – Move the cursor to the next line

Ctrl + S – Save your document

Ctrl + O – Open an existing document

Ctrl + Shift + A – Change characters to all capitals

Ctrl + 5 – Set line spacing to 1.5

Ctrl + D – Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing

Ctrl + Shift + greater than (>) – Increase the font size

Ctrl + equal (=) – Make selected text subscript

F10 – Display key hints

Ctrl + A – Select the entire document

Ctrl + C – Copy a selection to the Clipboard

Ctrl + V – Paste from the Clipboard

Ctrl + L – Align text left

Ctrl + J – Justify text

Ctrl + E – Align text center

Ctrl + Y – Redo a change

Ctrl + U – Underline selected text

Ctrl + Shift + less than (<) – Decrease the font size

Ctrl + H – Replace text in a document

Ctrl + 1 – Set single line spacing

Ctrl + Right arrow – Move the cursor one word to the right

Ctrl + N – Create a new document

Ctrl + Shift + L – Change the bullet style

Ctrl + Left arrow – Move the cursor one word to the left

Ctrl + Delete – Delete the next word

Ctrl + B – Make selected text bold

Ctrl + R – Align text right

Ctrl + X – Cut a selection

F3 – Search for the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box

Ctrl + Shift + equal (=) – Make selected text superscript

Ctrl + Home – Move to the beginning of the document

Ctrl + Up arrow – Move the cursor to the previous line

F12 – Save the document as a new file

Ctrl + End – Move to the end of the document

Ctrl + Z – Undo a change

Ctrl + 2 – Set double line spacing

Ctrl + F – Search for text in a document

Ctrl + Page Down – Move down one page

Shift + F10 – Show the current shortcut menu

Ctrl + P – Print a document

Ctrl + I – Italicize selected text

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  1. Apologies … It’s true that Ctrl+ Y does not redo the last edit in Wordpad on Win 10. (There appears to be NO shortcut key for that.) However, it does not undo the last edit as I stated (or meant to state!). Ctrl+Z does that, as is customary in other Microsoft programs.

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