How to Install Windows 10 on a UEFI Computer

How to Install Windows 10 on a UEFI  (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) Computer

If your new computer came with UEFI instead of an outdated BIOS, you can get significantly faster boot times for your Windows OS. UEFI is intended for faster hardware initialization and then delegation of the OS boot process. To take advantage of UEFI, you need to correctly install Windows in UEFI mode. Here is what you need to do for Windows 10.
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Find Windows Version, Build and Edition from ISO or DVD

If you have a copy of the Windows ISO with a generic name which doesn’t make any sense, you may want to find which Windows version, build and edition it contains. This post explains how it can be done.

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Windows 10 Setup.exe Command Line Arguments

Every installation media of Windows 10, including DVD disks and ISO images, comes with the Windows 10 Setup program, or setup.exe. This little program supports a number of command line arguments. Using them, you can manage the Windows installation process at very early stage and change it the way you want.

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Install Windows 10 from USB Drive

These days most PCs can boot from USB, so you need no DVD drive any more to install Windows 10. Installing Windows 10 from a USB flash drive is much faster than optical drive setup. Here is how you can transfer your Windows 10 setup to a bootable USB stick.

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Speed Up Startup of Apps in Windows 10

In Windows 10, there is a delay to improve startup after you log on so that startup programs don’t open all at once. When Windows 10 is started, it delays the loading of apps from the Startup folder. You can reduce this startup delay for desktop apps with a simple Registry tweak.

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How To Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode

If you have some issues in Windows 10 which you cannot resolve in the normal mode, there is a way to start it in the Safe mode. Safe mode is a special startup option designed for advanced troubleshooting.

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