Disable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10 Photos app

How to Disable Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10 Photos app

There are plenty of users that experience an unwanted behavior with the Windows 10 Photos app. It fails to play videos. It may display broken animations, or may have issues with the merging videos feature. On of the solutions is disabling hardware acceleration in Windows 10 Photos app.

How To Trim Or Split Videos in Windows 10 with Photos App

Since Windows Movie Maker was officially discontinued at the beginning of 2017, for those who is on Windows 10 Microsoft has finally provided an alternative solution. Windows 10 Photos app lets you trim videos and save the selected portion of the video clip to a new file.

Scroll to Zoom in Photos App in Windows 10

With default settings, the Photos app in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is set to view next or previous item with the mouse scroll wheel. In previous Windows versions, Windows Photo Viewer was configured to zoom in or out the opened image. Even in early builds of Windows 10, Photos included the behavior of scrolling prev/next photos with the scroll wheel. If you are not happy with this change, you can change the Mouse wheel action back to zoom in or out the current picture.