Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts – the full list of hotkeys

This post will show you Windows 11 keyboard shortcut list, including the new Windows 11 hotkeys along with the full list of keyboard shortcuts available in the newest OS. Among the family of operating systems, Windows 8 was the first system in which specially adapted to touch screens. At the same time, it included new combinations of hotkeys, sharpened for working with touch screens. However, previously unused or reassigned keyboard shortcuts appear in almost all new versions of Windows. They also appeared in Windows 11, although at the moment there are only four of them.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts - New Windows 11 hotkeys

New Windows 11 hotkeys

⊞ Win + A

In Windows 10, this combination opened the notification panel. In the eleventh version, pressing the ⊞ Win and A keys at the same time will bring up the quick settings panel with the tiles “Night light”, “Focus attention”, “Wi-Fi connection” and so on, as well as with an adjustment slider for brightness. By the way, Windows 8 and 8.1 do not have this hotkey combination.

⊞ Win + N

A new keyboard shortcut that is not used either in Windows 8.1 or in Windows 10. In the eleventh version of the operating system, the developers have assigned it to the Action Center, combined with the calendar.

⊞ Win + W

The keyboard shortcut ⊞ Win + W  was used brings up the search bar in the “Options” category in Windows 8. In Windows 10 it opens the “Windows Ink Workspace” tool for drawing on tablets or laptops with a touch screen. But in Windows 11, it has a different purpose. When you press this combination in Windows 11, a widget panel will open in the left area of the screen – tiles with rates of leading stock indices, weather reports and current news.

⊞ Win + Z

Another new, previously unknown and unused keyboard shortcut. In Windows 11, it is assigned to the Snap Layouts panel – the layout of windows on the screen. Like all arrow button combinations with the Win button, the ⊞ Win + Z combination is global, but it only works for the active open window.

So far, this is all that has been discovered. But since Windows 11 is under active development, we assume that other, interesting and useful keyboard shortcuts will appear in the OS soon.

Now, let’s review the full list of keyboard shortcuts available in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts 1

Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts – the full list

Ctrl + ⇧ Shift  +  and click app iconLaunches the application as administrator from the taskbar
⊞ Win + HomeMinimize or restore all windows except the currently active window
Ctrl + CCopy the selected items or text
Ctrl + ZUndo the recent action(s)
⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + Stretch or place the active window to the top of the screen
⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + Stretch or place the active window to the top of the screen
Alt + F4Closes the active app or window; or, If you are on Desktop, opens the classic Shut down windows dialog box.
EscExits or cancels the current task
⊞ Win + 1Opens the app in the first position on your taskbar
Ctrl + ASelects all text contents in the document or dialog
Alt + F8Displays the entered password on the login screen
Ctrl + ⇧ ShiftSwitch the keyboard layout and input language
Alt + SpacebarOpens up the window actions menu for the current window
⊞ WinOpens the Windows 11 Start menu
Ctrl + PSends the current page to the printer
Ctrl + XCuts the files or text you have selected
Ctrl + OOpens a file in the active program if it supports opening files
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + S Save As function- lets the user save a copy of the current document at a new location or with a different name
Alt + Tab ⇆Switch between the open apps
⊞ Win + Moves the current window to the left side of the screen
⊞ Win + MMinimizes all open windows, but doesn’t move the focus to the desktop, unlike ⊞ Win +D
Ctrl + SSaves the current document
Alt + ↵ EnterBrings up properties for a selected file or folder
Shift + DeleteDeletes the item permanently
⊞ Win + Alt + DViews Date and Time along with calendar
Alt + Goes to the previous screen; if you are on the web, goes to the previous web page or site you had opened in the current tab
⊞ Win + XOpens the Start button’s context menu.
PrtScn or PrintCaptures a full-screen screenshot and keeps it in the clipboard
⊞ Win + IOpens the Windows 11 Settings app
⊞ Win + LLocks the computer and displays the Lock screen
F10Activates the menu bar of the current window or app, where available.
Ctrl + Arrow keys + SpacebarChoose multiple items in File Explorer
⇧ Shift + Arrow keysSelect multiple items or to select text
Ctrl + Delete or DeleteDeletes the selected items and moves them to the Recycle Bin
F11Enter or exit the full-screen mode
Alt + F10Opens the context menu(right-click menu) for a selected item
⊞ Win + Tab ⇆Opens Task View to view all open tasks, windows, and virtual desktop
Ctrl + NCreates a new document
⊞ Win + Places the current window to the right side of your screen
⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + SAllows users to capture part of the screen with Snip & Sketch
Alt + EscSwitch between the apps on the taskbar
⊞ Win + Ropens the Run window
Ctrl + VPastes the items you have copied or cut
⊞ Win + . (period) or ⊞ Win + ; (semicolon)Opens the Emoji keyboard
⊞ Win + DMinimizes all windows and puts the selection to the desktop
Alt + Goes to the next screen; if you are on the web, goes to the next web page in the browsing history
Alt + Page UpMove up to the parent folder in Explorer
Alt + ⊞ Win + number keysOpen the application’s menu (jump list) on the taskbar
Ctrl + YRedo the action you have undone with Ctrl+Z
F5Refreshes the active screen
Alt + Page DownMove down one screen (Use this to go down faster)
Alt while dragging icon or fileCreate a shortcut
⊞ Win + S or ⊞ Win + QOpens the Windows Search
← BackspaceOpens up the parent folder in Open/Save dialogs
Tab ⇆Move through buttons and options in a window
F4Expands the combo-box (drop-down list). In File Explorer, expands down the address bar.
⊞ Win + ⇧ Shift + or arrow keysMoves an application or a program window from one monitor to another if multiple displays are connected
⊞ Win + Alt + PrtScrTakes a screen shot of the active window
⊞ Win + Alt + GRecords up to 30 seconds of the currently active game
SpacebarChecks or unchecks the current check box, or selects an item in the list.
⊞ Win + Alt + RStarts or stops recording the active game or app.
⊞ Win + YSwaps the input control between the Windows desktop and Mixed Reality.
⊞ Win + GOpens the Xbox Game bar
⊞ Win + CLaunches the Cortana feature
⇧ Shift + Tab ⇆Goes back through buttons and options in a window
⊞ Win + KOpens the ” Connect to ” setting
⊞ Win + /Launches the IME re-conversion
⊞ Win + OLocks the screen orientation on tablets
⊞ Win + HLaunches the voice dictation features.
⊞ Win + SpacebarSwitches between the input languages and keyboard layouts
⊞ Win + PauseDisplays the About System page in the Settings app
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + Tab ⇆Go back through tabs if there is a tab control.
⊞ Win + FOpens the Feedback Hub to provide feedback (for Insiders)
Arrow keys like Go to the next item, file or control in a window.
⊞ Win + VOpens the Clipboard History window
Ctrl + Tab ⇆Goes forward through tabs if there is a tab control.
Ctrl + numbers (19 )Goes directly to the tab # if there is a tab control.
⊞ Win + Alt + TShows or hides recording timer of the game for the game recorder.

Also, there are virtual desktop shortcuts you may find useful to manage your desktop shortcuts faster.

Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts for Virtual Desktops

Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts for Virtual Desktops

⊞ Win + Ctrl + DAdd a new virtual desktop
⊞ Win + Ctrl + Switch between to the virtual desktops you’ve created towards the right
⊞ Win + Ctrl + F4Closes the current (active) virtual desktop
⊞ Win + Ctrl + Switch or toggle between the virtual desktops you’ve created towards the left

Also, here are useful keys you may like to use in File Explorer. Here are the Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts for File Explorer.

File Explorer hotkeys

Ctrl + MTurns on the check mark mode
EndMove to the bottom of the file list
Alt + Goes to the next folder in the browsing history
Alt + ↵ EnterOpens the Properties dialog for the selected file or folder
Ctrl + Mouse ScrollChanges the folder view, e.g. large icons, small icons, list, table.
HomeGoes to the top of the file list
Num Lock + Minus (-)Collapse the selected drive or folder
Alt + Goes up to the parent folder
⊞ Win + EOpens a new File Explorer window
Ctrl + WCloses the active Explorer window
Ctrl + Shift + EExpands all the sub-folders available in the navigation pane
Alt + PDisplays the preview panel
F4Activates the address bar
Alt + Goes to the previous folder in the navigation history
Num Lock + plus (+)Expands the selected drive or folder
F6Switch between the left and right pane
Ctrl + EActivates the search box in File Explorer
Ctrl + ⇧ Shift  + 1-8Changes the folder view
Alt + DActivates the address bar in File Explorer
Ctrl + NOpens up a new window of File Explorer

If you are using the classic Command Prompt, you will find the following Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts for cmd.exe useful.

Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Scrolls the output down per one line
Ctrl + Scrolls the output up per one line
⇧ Shift + Select the text by one line down
Shift + HomeMoves the cursor to the beginning of the current line
Ctrl + ASelects everything in the current window
or arrow keysCycles through commands executed in the current session
or arrow keysMove cursor left or right in the input line
Ctrl + HomeScrolls the output to the topmost line
⇧ Shift + EndSelects the current line from the cursor position to the beginning of the line
⇧ Shift + Selects the current line from the cursor position to the end of the line
Ctrl + EndScrolls the output to the last line
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