Stop Cortana from Starting Automatically in Windows 10

How to Stop Cortana from Starting Automatically in Windows 10

Once Microsoft moved Cortana to the Store, it is now possible to manage its startup behavior, and enable or disable its automatic start with the OS. If yu are a user who always wanted to prevent Cortana from automatically starting with Windows, you can now follow one of the methods in this post.

Uninstall Or Reinstall Cortana In Windows 10

How To Uninstall Or Reinstall Cortana In Windows 10

A small number of Windows 10 users frequently use Cortana as it is not as powerful as its digital personal assistants offered in smartphone operating systems. Also, Cortana is not available in all regions and countries. These are the reasons you may want to get rid of Cortana. Or you might want to reinstall it if it fails to work properly.

How to Hide Search and Task View from Taskbar in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a Search box and a Task View button enabled on the taskbar. They take up valuable space on the taskbar. Although they look like any other regular pinned app, they have no context menu. Windows 10 users may want to hide these controls to get more room for running apps. Here is how to get rid of the Search box and the Task View button on the taskbar.

Make Cortana Open Links in Default Web Browser

In Windows 10, Cortana can only be integrated with Bing and Microsoft Edge. The server-side part of Cortana is locked down. You cannot change the search engine in Cortana to Google or use alternative web browsers for web links. This post explains how to Make Cortana open links in the default web browser.