Download Desktop Gadgets and Sidebar for Windows 10

Many still like and enjoy the desktop gadgets introduced in Windows Vista. They were completely removed in Windows 8, which made many people sad. Microsoft is pushing live tiles as a replacement, and so they find gadgets unsafe, just like they push Store apps on top of desktop apps. If you can't imagine a desktop without your favorite gadgets, here's how to get them back to Windows 10. Just follow this short guide.

Keyboard Shortcuts with Windows Logo Key

The Windows logo key (Win) is very often used in Windows and in third-party applications. This key is even more used in the family of modern Windows operating systems. Many operating system features have an alternative keyboard shortcut that does the same, many of which are a combination of a Windows logo key and letters. Here are the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys that are commonly used.

Best Remote Desktop Connection Manager Apps for Windows

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), developed originally by Microsoft, is a network protocol that allows people to remotely access a computer using a convenient and easy user interface, as well as input devices such as keyboards and mice. Modern Windows  come with their own remote desktop client, which allows you to connect to a remote computer using this protocol. However, for people who constantly need to control multiple machines at the same time, you will need a program that manages multiple connections to make your life easier. Here are some free and useful apps.

How To Take Ownership Of A Registry Key in Windows 10

Registry Editor is a tool for advanced users who need to change Windows settings which are not available in the GUI. The main purpose of the Registry Editor is to view and change the settings in the system registry. Some Registry keys cannot be accessed due to their permissions. To get access to such a registry key, you’ll need to take ownership and grant full access permissions to your user account. This post explains the required procedure.