Shortcut to Open Task Manager Startup Tab Directly

The Task Manager application opens to Processes tab by default in Windows 10. There is a secret hidden way to open it to the Startup tab directly. You can use this trick to create a shortcut to open the Task Manager's Startup tab directly.

6 Great Benchmark Tools for Windows

You spent a lot of money to get yourself a new computer, and you are very excited about it. You feel that it works quite smoothly and quickly. But have you ever wondered how much faster your new PC is compared to other computers on the market? Maybe you feel that it is not as fast as you expected, so how do you know why and what is going on?

How to Open Command Prompt Fullscreen in Windows 10

In older Windows versions, the user had the ability to go fullscreen mode for the command prompt. Before Windows 10, Windows XP was the last version where this worked. In Windows Vista and above, Microsoft removed fullscreen mode for the command prompt. This has been changed in Windows 10.