Limit Windows Update Bandwidth Usage In Windows 10

Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs updates via Windows Update service in the background. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has got a new delivery optimization option which you can use to limit the bandwidth for Windows Update background downloads.

Open Specific Settings Page Directly in Windows 10

All versions of Windows 10 come with the built-in Settings app which has been added to the OS to replace Control Panel. You can change most of settings and options using Settings. Its user interface consists of a number of pages arranged by categories. Each page comes with toggle buttons, drop-down lists and check boxes to enable or disable certain features and change behavior of the OS.

Scroll to Zoom in Photos App in Windows 10

With default settings, the Photos app in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is set to view next or previous item with the mouse scroll wheel. In previous Windows versions, Windows Photo Viewer was configured to zoom in or out the opened image. Even in early builds of Windows 10, Photos included the behavior of scrolling prev/next photos with the scroll wheel. If you are not happy with this change, you can change the Mouse wheel action back to zoom in or out the current picture.

Hide Neighborhood WiFi from Network List in Windows 10

When you click on the Wi-Fi network icon in the system tray (notification area), you will see the network flyout with the list of Wireless network broadcasts available for your place. In most cases, you will see many SSIDs from your neighborhood which are absolutely useless. You can create a filter to hide those unneeded SSIDs from the list.

How To Open Troubleshooting Options in Windows 10

Windows 10 inherited the boot options from Windows 8. It features a graphical environment for various recovery related tasks. There is a way to reboot the OS quickly and launch the troubleshooting options directly. This is very useful if you have some issue that you cannot fix in the regular Windows 10 environment.